June 21, 2019 1 min read

I was visiting Antibes, France today.  A bustling town located right on the Mediterranean.  Some say becoming as popular as St. Tropez!  Well….not so sure about that, but….. not as shi-shi-chic….but quite charming.  Definitely worth a visit.  Quaint cobblestone streets all head toward the water…each filled with intimate shops and cafes, my favorite gelato stands, and even pups wearing their summer sunglasses. What is trending in this Provence resort town?

Of course just what we carry in our stores, coton frais in Boca and Jupiter.  Our boutiques feature beautiful blanc cotton and linen same as these French shops do.  We are French inspired and have captured their look to a tee. Fresh and bright blanc lace, and a little sequin add a special touch which turns our designs from ordinary into extraordinary!  Oui Oui! A little style and grace goes a long way…