June 21, 2019 1 min read

It occurred to me just the other day as I was having lunch in Villefranche-sur-Mer that I was feeling very good about myself during my visit to France.  Sourcing products and suppliers for my company coton frais isn’t an easy job…but I have met so many kind, endearing, considerate, thoughtful people along the way that they have made my job not seem like a “job” at all.  Buying for both boutique stores in Jupiter and Boca its important to select the “right” merchandise…always thinking about our clients and what they would like.  Usually what I like is what “they” will like… sorting thru the many vendors,  examining fabrics, checking details, exploring pricing options is essential to providing the very best to our coton frais clients. That is what Christina and I do best.  

I also must mention that the level of respect toward mature women in France is notable.  Aging is accepted, valued and appreciated.  There are many many beautiful mature women in France and their grace and loveliness shines thru their lines of laughter and sets an exemplary model for most American women to follow. So, for now…I am feeling beautiful in France.