June 21, 2019 1 min read

How do I absolutely love sourcing new products for coton frais in Provence! From town to town and village to village, for each of our two boutiques… one in Jupiter and the other in Boca

I am looking for just the right “everythings” for our clients. Whether it be the perfect blanc cotton dresses and tops, or the most gorgeous colorful leather bags, lovely sun hats, beautiful scarfs or those extra “special” specialty gifts the hunt is on!   Of course eating amazing French food, drinking rose and enjoying a gelato makes sourcing for our clients even more fun!  And, it doesn’t hurt that Provence is truly one of the most magnificent and beautiful places on the earth.  How happy am I?  My French gets better every day….I can understand more than I can speak.  But, I have a wonderful group of friends that help translate making my job a lot easier.  I love to take photographs, so I document everything…from sunflowers in a tin vase to the interior of a cathedral to my afternoon lunch!  I especially love taking pictures of distressed doors and windows with brightly colored shutters.  I feel at home here…a bit of a slower pace and more quiet enjoyment. Sometimes just looking and listening is good for the soul.