June 21, 2019 1 min read

Everywhere!!!! From colors in the sky, to my garden, to window shopping around the world…to digging deep in my closet…re-inventing some of my favs! Inspiration comes from everywhere…and of course not on a “normal clock”.  Sometimes I write notes down at 3/4/5 AM in the morning!  I text notes to Christina and she is always wondering “what” I am doing up at that hour!

I am always wondering how to present our greek linen line in a better way, or to display our derby style hats more effectively…or how to better present our cotton clothing online.  I’m always wondering what would our customers like to see more of….women’s resort wear dresses, cotton tops, linen apparel, candles, or beauty products?  Trying to be “everyone’s personal shopper is a daunting task…but I think we’ve got this.  Just for you… coton frais™ always special…so you can be too!