Women helping women…

Christina and I spent last weekend at the Miami Swim Show and Cabana, which are 2 international fashion shows held in Miami each July. We at coton frais attend shows like these around the world looking for the most unique and special products for our clients. We were obviously expecting beautiful girls in little itty bitty bikinis in perfect bodies and of course beautiful clothing and accessories from around the world..but we were not expecting or prepared for the two women we encountered.

One, that welcomed us into her “family” of women who own a business, create and produce straw bags, gives African women jobs so they can feed their family…and then in turn to be sold to people like us and then sold to people like you.  The “family circle”… women helping women. 

The other passionate woman we met has now devoted her mature life (who was a former Turkish Vogue Editor) to get this …bringing fashion clothing designs and materials to the Somalian border for the women refugees to create.  She said “ they can’t speak or write but they can sew”.  She offers them now a job that gives them money to eat, feed their family and have  pride of accomplishment. 

Two amazing women making a “fashionable difference” in the world…just shows you determination, and enterprising thought, compassion, understanding and some hard work can change lives. 

Ladies Rock on!  We at coton frais support you and your effort 100%.


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